I'll have what she's having: 
awakening sexual energy with cannabis!

 This quote is so commonly referenced in my life that it was the perfect fit to my grande package! Have you ever met someone that just lit up the room with their presence and their smile? Their energy so contagious that you just want to bottle it up, source it and drink it for yourself? A personality so warm that feels as though they’ve bathed in hot cocoa? Well that is called being ORGASMIC! Having so much awareness, acceptance, gratitude and love for yourself that you can’t help but to explode with golden glitter! Others are magnetized to your beautiful, glowing and confident self. Others will say “I’ll have what she’s having!” and you’ll smile knowing that the secret lies in a deep connection to your body, your emotions and your sexual energy.

Through pleasurable meditations, Jade egg practices, cannabis as plant medicine, deep transformational and somatic work, we will activate sexual energy!

Do I have your heart racing, pussy tingling with a YES YES YES!?

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Embodying Mary Jane: Building a loving and trusting love affair with cannabis

This package is focused on creating an intentional and mindful relationship with cannabis.

YOU are curious about the healing benefits of cannabis. You witness others feeling totally free and bliss from their high and want that too. Your friends pair cannabis with many activities such as going to yoga, concerts and movies. Fueling their creativity and increasing sexual pleasure. 

But all YOU feel is anxious, paranoid and extremely introverted when you consume.

Plant medicines such as cannabis can have that effect, it brings to surface what is already naturally being felt in your body and forces you to look at it. Sound familiar? We do this already in our day to day lives, push feelings down that we don't want to deal with. Have you ever had an explosive emotion come from nowhere? Well, it's not really coming from nowhere, its been there all along, you've just ignored it, hoping it would go away. Well, cannabis might be saying "TODAY IS THE DAY!"

If you're desiring a meaningful relationship with cannabis as well as your mind, body and soul then this is perfect for YOU! Together we'll uncover blockages, stagnant energies and unintegrated emotions that have been stored in your body with and without the use of cannabis. 

Oh and did I mention a cannabis consumption ritual?! Hell yes! I have created a one of a kind ritual around consuming, relaxing and enjoying sweet Mary Jane!


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