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Women's Sensuality + Cannabis Circle!


Connection, Intimacy & Cannabis

What is a Cannabis Sensuality Circle?

“When women get together to laugh and cry, it makes them softer and more beautiful”    ~Mink De Vos

Imagine a time when humans lived in communities, visualize yourself outside playing in nature with other women; harvesting, massaging and healing each other's pain.  Does this image bring warmth to your body, joy to your heart? That is because through years of evolution, women are deeply rooted in the sacred tradition of sisterhood.

I created this cannabis sensuality circle to be our modern day sisterhood tribe. By creating a safe space for women to come together to heal, share their stories, and celebrate, magical things happen! We allow space for the nourishing yin energy to increase our feminine essence, in return our bodies reward us with oxytocin production, which gives us that feeling of euphoria. By allowing stress and anxiety to be released, we create space for sexual energy to move freely through the body.

Why cannabis?

Cannabis is the divine feminine energy that grounds us into our yin energy that allows free flowing movement for incorporating more presence, awareness and compassion for ourselves and one another.

What should one expect from a Sensuality Circle?

To be loved, seen and heard + laughter, dancing & cuddle puddles!

Each circle begins with cannabis, sipping tea and a group share for allowing space for each member of our tribe to open up, express and share. 


January's theme is: PLEASURE!

 Manifesting your dreams, goals and desires with PLEASURE!

A new year brings new beginnings, goals, dreams and desires, but manifesting one's true desires can be met with resistance, fear and self doubt. By creating a pleasure board with the flavor of 2018 we'll create and source pleasure within. When our pleasure center is happy, the things we seek in life will come with more ease and grace.

 Lets create an orgasmic year!! Filled with fun, laughter and PLEASURE! 


A Jade Egg introduction followed by a yoni yoga practice & meditation to get ourselves tuned in and turned on!

Then we will make pleasure dream boards!!


What to bring:


any cut outs or images you'd like to have on your board




Will be supplied:





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