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Zen & Kush: Queens


Carli Jo the Queen of Pleasure will be hosting the Queen's Chamber. A throne fit for a queen with man servants, a photo booth & other decadent goodies!

Lizzy Jeff presents the one year anniversary of Zen & Kush. Queens, is a celebration of self healing through all things sacred and divine. We will come together in celebration of art, music, plant medicine, ritual and high vibrations. Zen & Kush will feature a mystical myriad of healing stations, live music, yoga, massage, organic plant based food and so much more. Prepare your hearts and spirits for an elevated, no alcohol tribute to the divine feminine. Come witness a variety of beautiful Queens living and creating in their truest, highest selves. With vibrations from the cosmic sound bath ringing through the curated space, attendees will have the chance to experience exotic dance, sensual touch and womb worship stations and so much more. Lizzy Jeff invites you to join her on this enchanted journey of self exploration and honoring the divine feminine. (please bring your MMJ card)



January 27th at 8:30pm


Los Angeles, CA 

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