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My hope is that you and I will go on an epic journey of self discovery that is filled with cannabis, sensuality and orgasms.
Follow these three steps to maximize your experience.

Step 1: Set up your sacred sensual space

 Here are some suggested guidelines:

  • Choose a space that is quiet with little to no distractions or interruptions 
  • Intentionally curate a soothing, sexy environment that satisfies all 5 of your senses...
  • Candles or aromatic oils
  • Pillows & blankets
  • Soft music
  • Crystals or sacred objects
  • Plant medicine (tea, cannabis, cacao, etc.)
  • Skin friendly oils or lubricants
  • Water

Sanctify your sacred sensual experience by placing your hands on your heart (or where it feels right for you) and say/visualize the intention, “I am now in my sacred sensual space.” This will help align your body and mind as you ground into your new space and it's sultry vibes.

Step 2: Prepare your Cannabis

For this ritual I recommend rolling yourself a sensual joint. There is something very grounding about the act of grinding your flower & rolling your joint as it really connects you to the plant. Intentionality is key here. Really being present to the process of preparing for your ritual adds a mindful awareness. I HIGHly recommend setting an intention for your practice and placing that energy into your flower as you prepare.

I recommend consuming an indica or an indica dominant hybrid for this meditation. Indica’s are great for sensuality sessions as it has been known to encourage mental and muscle relaxation as well as increases dopamine, which helps activate the brains pleasure centers. When possible, get organic and sun-grown flower.


Step 3: Meditation

Now that your sacred sensual space and cannabis are prepared, you can begin your meditation. Enjoy!

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