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“It is our divine right to enjoy our pleasure,” Ms. Bidlingmaier said. No one disagreed.

What is a Cannabis Sensuality Circle?

“When women get together to laugh and cry, it makes them softer and more beautiful”   

 Sensuality Circle at Lit Yoga, Venice, CA

Sensuality Circle at Lit Yoga, Venice, CA

 Imagine a time when humans lived in communities, visualize yourself outside playing in nature with other women; harvesting, massaging and healing each other's pain.  Does this image bring warmth to your body, joy to your heart? That is because through years of evolution, women are deeply rooted in the sacred tradition of sisterhood.

 I created this cannabis sensuality circle to be our modern day sisterhood tribe. By creating a safe space for women to come together to heal, share their stories, and celebrate, magical things happen! We allow space for the nourishing yin energy to increase our feminine essence, in return our bodies reward us with oxytocin production, which gives us that feeling of euphoria. By allowing stress and anxiety to be released, we create space for sexual energy to move freely through the body.

~ From the beautiful teachings and sharing of Mink De Vos ~


Don't live in California? Not a problem! My circles have gone viral! Join my global pussy posse to connect virtually over sensuality and cannabis LIVE with hundreds of women from around the world!