One Nepherite Jade Egg, size Medium


One Nepherite Jade Egg, size Medium


Can help heal:

• chronic yeast infections
• improve prolapse
• heal after birth wounding or issue caused from the birthing process
• low libido
• dryness caused by menopause
• vulvodynia (pain with sex)
• chronic numbness

Can increase:

• Love for yourself
• Orgasm bliss
• Spiritual experiences and awakenings
• Bliss, joy and happiness – it can be an anti-depressant
• Kundalini awakening
• Your energy levels

The comes in with the following:

• Care instructions
• Instructions on how to use/insert the egg
• 2 guided meditation practices

- Basic Jade Egg ritual
- My Sensual Cannabis consumption + meditation

Due to the nature of the product, no refunds or returns.

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