Receiving is valnurable

I was in a yoga class recently when the teacher instructed us to sit crossed legged on the floor with our palms facing up. Palms facing up is a universal yoga sign for "receive." I noticed my resistance begin to build up, a feeling I am familiar with whenever I am asked turn my palms up.

I sat with this feeling, wanting to connect with it, receive the inner message as to why. As I breathed into the sensation I felt resistance in my hands, fingers and arms.

I listened...

"receiving is vulnerable" she whispered.
"trust needs to be built" she said.
"you're not willing to receive" ...Wow.

The lesson being that I have a hard time receiving from those I haven't established a foundation with. A foundation which trust can grow. 

My mind says:
How do I know this person is going to help me?
How do I know this is worth my time or my money?

There's only one way to know. With some patience and trust in our intuition & our own inner voice guiding us, we can slowly begin to receive. 

I know how vulnerable it can be to receive guidance, especially on a topic so "private" in our culture as sex.  But please know that feeling sexy, experiencing pleasure and having epic orgasms is our birthright!

It’s just no one taught us that. We are not born with the innate ability to accept, celebrate and love our sexuality. Which is why most of us need a little guidance, I know I did! I had to heal my past experiences, doubts, fear, anxiety and depression, I just didn't know that my sexual energy would help heal those things while on the journey of reclaiming my femininity. I've taken what I've learned and created a program to share with the world!


I call it..

Landon Barbers' Grooming Kit.png

Want to learn more?

Do you want to heal past sexual experiences, be more open with your sexuality or love your body more? Do you want explore the combination of cannabis and the jade egg? Do you want to share and ask me questions? Are you experiencing a tingly sensation in your body as you read this that is screaming YES YES YES?! Then I invite you to join me for a free one-on-one conversation where we'll discuss your deepest desires, what might be standing in your way of achieving and how I can potentially help you achieves your dreams.

In the bedroom: Sativa or Indica?

I was recently at a party with Generation X when I overheard a man ask "what is the difference between Indica and Sativa?" to which someone responded "all you need to know is that Indica is a downer and Sativa is an upper." This got me thinking how oversimplified that answer was and yet that is what we've all been taught.

The 2018 legalization of Cannabis in California has brought on some amazing research, including more detailed associations of the different strands and how they benefit our mind & body. But the really interesting piece of info that I've recently learned is.. Are you ready for this?! 


Thats right, saying that ALL indicas are going to have one effect and ALL sativas will have another is bullshit. Because cannabis is a very complex plant with many compounds, trying to narrow it down into two categories of "upper or downer" is impossible. You could literally smoke the same bud 3 nights in a row and have different effects every night.



So how do you find your sexy bedroom strand?

The only way to know which strand is your sexy strand is through experimentation. I invite you to try lots of different strands then keep track of how they make you feel. 
Did it hit your arousal accelerator or brake?
Were you in your head, your body or both?
Did it make you feel relaxed, energized or too stoned?

The best way to experiment is with micro dosing. When it comes to combining sex and cannabis you want to take very low doses (small hits) and remember you can always add more but you can’t take away!

To better serve you on this quest of finding the right strand, I created a journal!

Increasing Sexual health with Cannabis

Using cannabis to increase sexual health, activate sexual energy and enhance sensuality is cutting edge. Many of us (probably why you're here) already understand this from personal experience. However, the research on  why our endocannabinoid system plays such an important role in women's sexual health isn't there.

Recently I've taken it upon myself to do the research to build my own conclusions based on logic, science and my energy & spiritual work. The book Vitamin Weed has been an amazing tool. 

Based on science, wisdom of ancient teachings, my personal experiences and those I work with, I believe that activating sexual energy with cannabis is healing.


Sexual health is the harmony & balance of our sexual organs. It is just as important as physical health & mental health but it isn’t viewed as accepted or as important in our western culture. 

Located in our sexual organs is our first chakra, our “root support” stemming from the cervix in women and perineum in men. It's home to our primal, raw, earthy, connecting-to-nature-energy. This is where we feel at home, grounded and rooted in our world. 

A disconnect to our cervix can cause a disconnect to our source of safety.

The cervix holds a lot of magic for women but it can also hold a lot of traumatic past experiences, hatred, shutdown in our hearts and disconnection from the world. When our cervix is open we can experience more love, joy and compassion. If there is stuck energy or a disconnect in this area penetration can be painful, leaving one to feel angered and possibly rejecting a partner.

The good news is there are ways to heal our sexual organs. Energy transforms into new energy so sexual energy can become healing, creative, radiant and even magnetic energy. With some focus, intention and the right spiritual teacher like cannabis & myself, we can transform our stuck & stagnant energy with the use of our very own sexual energy!


Cannabis has medical and spiritual benefits that aid to the healing of our mind, body and souls. Cannabis allows blood flow to the frontal lobe which helps us open up our creative center. Cannabis also allows blood to flow to our sexual organs and genitals, connecting and grounding us into our root chakra.

Cannabis is the plant representation of the divine feminine. She is mother earth, providing healing, grounding nourishing energy. She helps reveal us to ourselves by giving us the space to turn inward.

Pictured below is me leading an activating sexual energy with cannabis women's circle where we sourced our own sexual energy in our body. We saw it as a ball of energy moving and alchemizing to different parts of our body, sending healing-loving light along its journey.


How to light your own fire!

WITH YOUR PUSSY POWER, there I said it!

Over the weekend I went camping and since my fiance and I aren't regular campers we missed a few crucial items including a long lighter to ignite the fire. Being the stoner I am, I had regular lighters but It was so windy that the little lighters were just not cutting it. We tried until our thumbs were raw. We nearly gave up but then I did what every women should learn how to do..

I started the fire with my pussy power!! Yes, you heard that correctly. I simply made the intention, breathed it into every cell, felt the energy rising then visualized deep red, orange & purple fire coming straight out of my sacral chakra and into the fire pit. I kid you not, that started a tiny flame that we hovered over and kept safe from the wind. 

Every woman deserves to connect to her sexual power. And I'm not talking about what men have been portraying on television for years. I am talking about our innate sexual power. The power that creates life force. Women are the source of power, creation and pleasure! 

Want to learn more? Email, message, write me! Don't let another day go by without lighting a fire with your pussy!

See below for my drawing of the epic experience.

 My drawing of the epic experience.

My drawing of the epic experience.

Why I had sex on $10,000

I had recently learned about this process called Sex Magic when I found myself in possession of $10,000 in cash. I told my partner about this process of manifesting desires through pleasure and asked if he'd be down to try. Of course he said yes so we spread the various bills around our bed and had sex..

Sex Magic is when one uses turn on, sexual energy and pleasure to manifest literally anything. It works by allowing pleasure to flow through each chakra, letting the energy evolve and become refined at a higher and higher vibration. Moving it all the way to the crown of the head while imagining that you already have this thing that you desire.

Sound fun?

You don't need $10,000 to try this. You can use this practice with intention alone. Want to learn this practice to manifest a new partner, house, identity? Sign up for my six week Jade Egg + Cannabis course and learn how! 




How to feel alive in the bedroom..

It's understanding what turns you on and then asking for it.

I was watching the show Slutever the other day which airs on Viceland when I had a HUGE epiphany. The episode I was watching was about the lifestyle of a domanatrix and their subs. If you haven't seen the show the take away is accepting all forms of sexuality that are authentic to the individual. As I was watching it hit me. I LOVE surrendering during sex, the just lying there and receiving kind of surrender. The thought brought up a memory of a past lover who once asked why I was being still.. to which I responded "because it felt good, i'm taking it all in." In that moment I was completely relaxed and letting go but the judgment on what I found pleasurable stuck with me. 

This newly found awareness sparked an electric buzz through my vagina as well as a curiosity in my other sex organ - my brain. So I grabbed my partner and went into sexual exploration. I told him my desire of just lying there and receiving, and that I might not make much noise or move a lot but to know that its normal, that I am just going to receive. 

In this space of deep surrender, acceptance and consciousness.. something incredible happened.. I began to breathe huge deep cleansing breaths that traveled my pleasure up and down my body, stoping at every chakra to fill with healing light.  I felt so alive, the pleasure radiating throughout my entire body, I started screaming YES YES YES!!! Celebrating with joyous cries of ecstasy. 

I'm getting turned on writing this...

That is just one piece of my authentic sexuality. Cannabis being another but that is for another day..

Until then..

Your Queen of Pleasure, Carli Jo

Want to connect to your authentic sexuality and learn to love and celebrate it? Sign up for a FREE chat with me here.


How CBD saved my relationship

Recently I was telling this story to six women & one man in a teepee in Venice Ca. We were discussing the benefits of CBD when I shared how I was taking a CBD infused bath while having a really intense conversation with my partner about our relationship. Believe it or not, although we were discussing some really heavy stuff, my body had NEVER been more relaxed!


But naturally there were questions..

Why were you two having an intense conversation about your relationship while in the tub? I was the only one in the tub.

Why were you in the tub and your partner was not? Because I had just met Canna Gold Life, a supplier of CBD & THC bath bombs, topicals and tinctures and I said I'd try them out and share my thoughts. I was in the tub alone because our tub is too small for two people.

Ok so why the intense conversation while you're in the bath? Well.. We were scheduled for our first session with our new Relationship Coach the next AM and needed to fill out a long and detailed form about our relationship. This of course stirred up a bunch of muck that needed to be addressed. BUT.. Although my relationship was spiraling down a dark hole for what felt like hours.. my body was on a Hawaiian vacation! 

The key to any great relationship? CBD bath bombs!

Visit Canna Gold Life's amazing products!



I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin with the household majority being male. My closest neighbor kids were half a miles away and all male. I grew up seeing how easy boys got along but how hard it was to have female friends. In grade school I developed anxiety due to the social caste system inherent in being a young women. Television added to my feelings by portraying women as catty bitches who couldn't be trusted. The women I chose to surround myself with in high school made my life hell. Some of my best friends betrayed me in the worst ways. All of these experiences led me to secretly desire to be born a man.

Time passed, growth happened, eyes opened...

I am very fortunate to now to surround myself with generous, courageous & uplifting women in Cannabis & Sexuality!

Women empowering women, sisters holding hands as we stumble through this life together. Finding sisterhood can be hard, sharing your truths with others can be terrifying but Ana, an entrepreneur, wife & mother of two, found a way to create a digital space for women to feel safe and heard. FindSisterhood is a free app where women can ask and answer any question they want anonymously.

The app features various experts specializing in topics such as raising children, work/life balance, self care, nutrition. And sex!

Every time Ana introduces me she says "This is my Sexpert, Carli Jo".
This "Sexpert" covers all things SEX in FindSisterhood! If you have a question about your sexuality and feel more comfortable asking anonymously then download the app here and ask! I look forward to welcoming you to our supportive community!

carli jo

 "I wanted to create a safe place to give every woman a voice to tell her story, speak her truth and ask questions with no judgment but lots of support. I want women to empower each other and uplift one another." ~ Ana

"I wanted to create a safe place to give every woman a voice to tell her story, speak her truth and ask questions with no judgment but lots of support. I want women to empower each other and uplift one another." ~ Ana

 Download now!                       What are you going to ask?

Download now!                       What are you going to ask?

My 4 tools for increased pleasure are here!!!

Do you experience pleasure from sex but have a hard time orgasming? 

Or maybe you want to learn how to make them bigger, brighter and more explosive?!

Do you want to learn my four holistic sex tools for increasing pleasure!?

Great, Then you are in the right place!

Over the next four weeks I will be sharing my secret tantric tools for increasing pleasure, arousal and orgasmic bliss!

The Four Holistic Sex Tools
1 of 4: BREATH

Introducing Sex Science: An experiment on cannabis & desire

Jose my amazing partner has agreed to do a series with me on the effects cannabis has on enhancing sexual intimacy.  

Jose and I have been dating for almost three years and while we have a deep amount of love, compassion and respect for one another we've begun to notice that our sexual context differ. You see sex is very context driven. Day vs night, home vs. public, hard vs soft or fast vs slow, lights on vs off..  

Cannabis has always been an important part of our relationship but what we were discovering was that while cannabis enhanced my sexual desire Jose was a different case. 

So we decided to test various strains of cannabis as well as different ways to consume to find our sexy cannabis strain and figured others might relate or want to know more about cannabis so we are documenting our progress!

In our first episode we navigate making time for sex, getting too high and the process of making a video!

Carli Jo & Jose

Have you ever felt like you weren't smart enough?

Today I am celebrating the first day of my final semester of school!


Three years ago I was inspired to finish a photography degree that I had started when I was 18. When I left my degree unfinished I was just one class shy of graduating. The problem was that it was a math course and well, me and math have never been on good terms so I shrugged it off thinking it wasn't important and instead moved to California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. And that I did, I have had an amazing career working on many movies, commercials and then The Bachelor for nearly a decade. After completing that pesky math class and receiving my Associates Degree in Photography I found myself feeling confident and more studious than ever so I took the leap and applied for undergraduate school. My intention behind going for my Bachelor's degree after all of these years was simply to prove to myself that I could do it. I chose a school that would take my previous credits and a major based on what I found to be interesting. I figured, if I was going to have to do this I might as well do something I enjoyed learning about. Little did I know that it was my inner compass making the decision for me. Choosing to learn about cognitive and human development was not by random, it is and always has been my passion and core focus in life.  I was just too scared of not being smart enough to pursue it. I often said to others that If I were smart enough I would go to school to become a therapist. I am so glad that I took a leap of faith by believing in myself because these past two years have connected me to my inner wisdom, my inner writer, and my inner core truths. THAT I AM SMART ENOUGH! 

What are you celebrating today?