In the bedroom: Sativa or Indica?

I was recently at a party with Generation X when I overheard a man ask "what is the difference between Indica and Sativa?" to which someone responded "all you need to know is that Indica is a downer and Sativa is an upper." This got me thinking how oversimplified that answer was and yet that is what we've all been taught.

The 2018 legalization of Cannabis in California has brought on some amazing research, including more detailed associations of the different strands and how they benefit our mind & body. But the really interesting piece of info that I've recently learned is.. Are you ready for this?! 


Thats right, saying that ALL indicas are going to have one effect and ALL sativas will have another is bullshit. Because cannabis is a very complex plant with many compounds, trying to narrow it down into two categories of "upper or downer" is impossible. You could literally smoke the same bud 3 nights in a row and have different effects every night.



So how do you find your sexy bedroom strand?

The only way to know which strand is your sexy strand is through experimentation. I invite you to try lots of different strands then keep track of how they make you feel. 
Did it hit your arousal accelerator or brake?
Were you in your head, your body or both?
Did it make you feel relaxed, energized or too stoned?

The best way to experiment is with micro dosing. When it comes to combining sex and cannabis you want to take very low doses (small hits) and remember you can always add more but you can’t take away!

To better serve you on this quest of finding the right strand, I created a journal!