Day 11: Sometimes I'm Awkward

Do you ever have those days or nights where you feel like every conversation you're involved in is awkward? Like no matter how much you try everything just comes out wrong or your reactions to others are on delay or off centered? That was me last night. I like to consider myself somewhat of a chameleon, able to fit in wherever I go but man, there are times when I just can't pull it off. In the past I would have tried hard, so hard that the more I tried the more awkward I would get. 

What feels true to me today is that I can't always "be" one thing or another. On my path of self discovery, I noticed that I've confused my true identity with my thoughts, emotions or my experiences. But our thoughts, emotions and experiences are ever changing, they are not attached to us. So even though I had an awkward night, I choose to not let that experience define me.   

Today's mantra is: I am whole and complete just as I am


 Cuba, 2016

Cuba, 2016