Day 15: Cannabis Feminist

A few months back I receive a text that reads: "Cannabis Women's circle tonight, we have one of our cannabis sisters speaking about sexuality+cannabis+self love" Within seconds I was writing back  "that sounds awesome, I'm in." 

Are you thinking what I was thinking?  "What is a cannabis women's circle?" I wasn't sure either but what I did know is that I was getting a clear 100% YES! to go and find out.  Later that evening around 8:00pm I walk into a beautiful space where 20 women are gathered around in a circle, smoking and sharing. I sneak in, sit down and begin listening to each woman one by one, as she shares her story, her relationship to cannabis and what drew her to this circle. I sat listening becoming more and more in awe with each story as I puff and pass locally grown flowers around the room. When it was my turn I shared my story, my relationship to cannabis and why I was drawn to come.  Which was such a simple answer... because I was invited. 

At 11:00pm I walked out buzzing with a smile on my face and a glow that lit up Venice Blvd. 

Since then, I have attended more circles and events where I've had the pleasure to meet some amazing women, in fact one woman in the last circle saw something in me that I didn't know was there... A writer. I guess she was right, I just needed cannabis to inspire me ;)