Day 14: Coming out of the green closet

I've been sitting in front of my computer for hours trying to figure out how to write this. I've started over fives times already so I decided to take a step back, go on a walk and feel into what i'm sharing rather than get tangled up in what the words should be. I want my words to having feeling behind them so I am felt rather than just read.  I feel very excited and a bit nervous, the perfect ratio for sharing something so deep and intimate.  Over the past few months I have been getting to know and falling deeply in love with my inner green empress. The more I surrender to her the more life is experienced. We all have these pieces of ourselves that become forgotten or hidden. We sometimes hide our original essences, these pieces of us that make us whole and who we really are at the core out of fear of not belonging and being judged. After spending a magical weekend at the Emerald Exchange festival surrounded by others who share in my love for cannabis and it's community I felt inspired to share. 

It all started four months ago today, when an invite arrives on my phone that read:

"Cannabis Women's circle tonight, we have one of our cannabis sisters speaking about sexuality+cannabis+self love"

Within seconds I was writing back, "that sounds awesome, I'm in." 

Until tomorrow...

xo Carli Jo



 California, 2017

California, 2017