Day 24: Doula miss me?

Because I've missed you!

I've been pretty MIA from my blog posts but with good reason! I've been out experiencing this amazing life of mine! So many wonderful things are coming my way right now but what I am super excited to share today is that over the weekend I got trained to be a Doula! It was the most incredible experience, for three days we explored the miracle of the female body, diving deeper into holding space and supporting women during one of the most magical yet vulnerable time in their lives. On day one I was drawn to tears at how amazing women are, how primal and instinctual we are and how saying the most simplest of phrases "you're doing great" accompanied with a smile can ease the tension, pain and fear from childbirth.  Now, full disclosure.. I've never been in a delivery room nor have I experienced childbirth but what I do have is immeasurable amounts of experience holding loving, compassionate space for people. Bring on the pregnant ladies, I am ready to go on this incredible journey with you!!

Ps. Please forgive me as I want to tell EVERY pregnant woman I meet that "YOU'RE AMAZING!"