Day 25: Healing 101 from a 4th grader

Today I had the honor of visiting a 4th grade classroom to help better educate them on the importance of having a yoga and meditation practice. Before I started I approached a student sitting alone who had a cast on his arm. After discussing the happenings of his broken thumb he told me that he cried when he got hurt. I asked if crying had helped him, in which he said yes. I then asked why he thought it helped him, his answer was that when you get hurt you feel pain and when you cry you allow that pain to release from your body so that it doesn't get stuck inside of you. I smiled in awe at how incredibly intuitive and tapped in children can be without even knowing it. He knew that trapping pain, negativity and/or trauma can worsen the symptoms whereas given the ability to release our pain and trauma can be healing.  

Although it was a challenge getting 30 students to come together to meditate I feel fantastic about my involvement in creating a connection to their mind and body through yoga and breathwork.