Day 10: Sisterhood

Do you have a group of women in your life that you can say anything to, be anything in front of and in return they just see you and hold space for you?  I have this beautiful group of sisters from all around the world (some i've never even met) where I can show up authentically & raw to vent, celebrate, cry or ask out-of-the-blue questions to.  This amazing group of 164 women show up for one another like no group I've ever been apart of.  In fact my whole life I've had a hard time connecting to women but yesterday when I reached out with my insecurities and resistance to this 31 day challenge they showed up with beautiful words of encouragement and insight.  I felt so loved and empowered that I went and wrote 4 blog posts from the heart!

Generations before us thought it was impolite or un lady like to discuss one's feelings so we learned to bury them deep down under lock and key in order to feel safe and to fit in. Find your tribe and show up authentic and raw, allow yourself to be held and to be seen.