Introducing Sex Science: An experiment on cannabis & desire

Jose my amazing partner has agreed to do a series with me on the effects cannabis has on enhancing sexual intimacy.  

Jose and I have been dating for almost three years and while we have a deep amount of love, compassion and respect for one another we've begun to notice that our sexual context differ. You see sex is very context driven. Day vs night, home vs. public, hard vs soft or fast vs slow, lights on vs off..  

Cannabis has always been an important part of our relationship but what we were discovering was that while cannabis enhanced my sexual desire Jose was a different case. 

So we decided to test various strains of cannabis as well as different ways to consume to find our sexy cannabis strain and figured others might relate or want to know more about cannabis so we are documenting our progress!

In our first episode we navigate making time for sex, getting too high and the process of making a video!

Carli Jo & Jose