Why I had sex on $10,000

I had recently learned about this process called Sex Magic when I found myself in possession of $10,000 in cash. I told my partner about this process of manifesting desires through pleasure and asked if he'd be down to try. Of course he said yes so we spread the various bills around our bed and had sex..

Sex Magic is when one uses turn on, sexual energy and pleasure to manifest literally anything. It works by allowing pleasure to flow through each chakra, letting the energy evolve and become refined at a higher and higher vibration. Moving it all the way to the crown of the head while imagining that you already have this thing that you desire.

Sound fun?

You don't need $10,000 to try this. You can use this practice with intention alone. Want to learn this practice to manifest a new partner, house, identity? Sign up for my six week Jade Egg + Cannabis course and learn how!