Increasing Sexual health with Cannabis

Using cannabis to increase sexual health, activate sexual energy and enhance sensuality is cutting edge. Many of us (probably why you're here) already understand this from personal experience. However, the research on  why our endocannabinoid system plays such an important role in women's sexual health isn't there.

Recently I've taken it upon myself to do the research to build my own conclusions based on logic, science and my energy & spiritual work. The book Vitamin Weed has been an amazing tool. 

Based on science, wisdom of ancient teachings, my personal experiences and those I work with, I believe that activating sexual energy with cannabis is healing.


Sexual health is the harmony & balance of our sexual organs. It is just as important as physical health & mental health but it isn’t viewed as accepted or as important in our western culture. 

Located in our sexual organs is our first chakra, our “root support” stemming from the cervix in women and perineum in men. It's home to our primal, raw, earthy, connecting-to-nature-energy. This is where we feel at home, grounded and rooted in our world. 

A disconnect to our cervix can cause a disconnect to our source of safety.

The cervix holds a lot of magic for women but it can also hold a lot of traumatic past experiences, hatred, shutdown in our hearts and disconnection from the world. When our cervix is open we can experience more love, joy and compassion. If there is stuck energy or a disconnect in this area penetration can be painful, leaving one to feel angered and possibly rejecting a partner.

The good news is there are ways to heal our sexual organs. Energy transforms into new energy so sexual energy can become healing, creative, radiant and even magnetic energy. With some focus, intention and the right spiritual teacher like cannabis & myself, we can transform our stuck & stagnant energy with the use of our very own sexual energy!


Cannabis has medical and spiritual benefits that aid to the healing of our mind, body and souls. Cannabis allows blood flow to the frontal lobe which helps us open up our creative center. Cannabis also allows blood to flow to our sexual organs and genitals, connecting and grounding us into our root chakra.

Cannabis is the plant representation of the divine feminine. She is mother earth, providing healing, grounding nourishing energy. She helps reveal us to ourselves by giving us the space to turn inward.

Pictured below is me leading an activating sexual energy with cannabis women's circle where we sourced our own sexual energy in our body. We saw it as a ball of energy moving and alchemizing to different parts of our body, sending healing-loving light along its journey.