Receiving is valnurable

I was in a yoga class recently when the teacher instructed us to sit crossed legged on the floor with our palms facing up. Palms facing up is a universal yoga sign for "receive." I noticed my resistance begin to build up, a feeling I am familiar with whenever I am asked turn my palms up.

I sat with this feeling, wanting to connect with it, receive the inner message as to why. As I breathed into the sensation I felt resistance in my hands, fingers and arms.

I listened...

"receiving is vulnerable" she whispered.
"trust needs to be built" she said.
"you're not willing to receive" ...Wow.

The lesson being that I have a hard time receiving from those I haven't established a foundation with. A foundation which trust can grow. 

My mind says:
How do I know this person is going to help me?
How do I know this is worth my time or my money?

There's only one way to know. With some patience and trust in our intuition & our own inner voice guiding us, we can slowly begin to receive. 

I know how vulnerable it can be to receive guidance, especially on a topic so "private" in our culture as sex.  But please know that feeling sexy, experiencing pleasure and having epic orgasms is our birthright!

It’s just no one taught us that. We are not born with the innate ability to accept, celebrate and love our sexuality. Which is why most of us need a little guidance, I know I did! I had to heal my past experiences, doubts, fear, anxiety and depression, I just didn't know that my sexual energy would help heal those things while on the journey of reclaiming my femininity. I've taken what I've learned and created a program to share with the world!


I call it..

Landon Barbers' Grooming Kit.png

Want to learn more?

Do you want to heal past sexual experiences, be more open with your sexuality or love your body more? Do you want explore the combination of cannabis and the jade egg? Do you want to share and ask me questions? Are you experiencing a tingly sensation in your body as you read this that is screaming YES YES YES?! Then I invite you to join me for a free one-on-one conversation where we'll discuss your deepest desires, what might be standing in your way of achieving and how I can potentially help you achieves your dreams.