Introducing…The Couple Bubble🫧🍯💖

A 5-Month Immersive Experience For Couples To Be Emotionally, Sexually, and Spiritually Nourished

The Couple Bubble was created after hosting several one-off workshops where couples left feeling nourished and connected, creating a ripple effect in their lives for weeks after they attended.

One of the couples contacted me directly, saying, "We want this to be a regular thing. Will you create an experience for us?" And so I did.

The Couple Bubble isn't just another program - it's where the two of you get to step into this warm, cozy, beautiful bubble just for you two - where the outside world disappears - the work, the kids, and any other stresses don't need your attention. Your relationship comes first.

The best part is that you BOTH get to sit back, relax, and receive deeper love, playful intimacy, and nourishing connection.

The Couple Bubble is where your relationship gets to be filled up, fed, and nourished by ME!

What You'll Get...

→ (5) 5-hour mini retreats guided by Sensuality Coach and Orgasmic Expert Carli Jo.

→ A roadmap to your erotic blueprint!

→  Connection with other couples

→  Communication, connection, and intimacy tools that will uplevel your relationship

→ During The Couple Bubble, you’ll receive in the bedroom guidance through:

  • Sacred Sex: What if sex was more than P in the V? What if it was a pathway from the ordinary world of two people having two separate experiences to entering a world of profound states of ecstasy and love, union, healing, and wholeness? We’ll be exploring the four fundamental principles of creating sacred sexual space (Presence/Acceptance, Healing, Feedback, and Discovery) through a practice called Cock and Yoni Worshipping.
  • Nourishing Sex: The feeling of being deeply nourished comes after being fed a meal that hits all of the right cravings in just the right order. In this Mini Retreat, you will discover how your arousal works by determining your Erotic Blueprint Types and then giving and receiving the most nourishing feeding of your life! Imagine being fed dessert first because why wait?!
  • Sensational Sex: Sensational sex is like having a massage that hits every single spot with the exact speed, stroke, and pressure that you desire. In this Mini Retreat, you’ll play with your partner's entire body, creating a Map To Endless Pleasure. No more guessing what they want or how they want it. You’ll become the master of their Eroticism!
  • Kinky Sex: Have you ever gone to a place like The Cheesecake Factory and gotten overwhelmed by its 50-page menu? That’s how I used to feel about Kink/BDSM. There’s so much to explore and try. Where do I start? This Mini Retreat will give you everything you need to investigate by giving you a menu of activities to try and a how-to document that walks you through step-by-step for creating epic adventures for a lifetime!
  • Tantric Sex: Have more raw, more intense, animalistic, sacred, and mind-blowing sex by connecting with your wild and primal sexual impulses! This Mini Retreat will leave you speechless, satiated, and so fucking thankful you said YES to The Couple Bubble!

Sexy Details...

→  Virtual on Zoom (cameras are off during intimacy practices)

→  Saturdays 10 AM PT - 3 PM PT

→  Dates: July 20th, Aug 10th, Sept 14th, Oct 5th, Nov 9th

 Investment is 5 payments of $500 ($2500)

I'm So In!

The Couple Bubble Is Right For You If...

  • You're in a committed relationship
  • You have past experience working with me or another coach, therapist, or program on conscious relating
  • You have a solid relationship AND are craving more experiences and sexual adventures
  • You are open and comfortable being in a group setting talking about sex
  • You have tools and practices to navigate triggers in your relationship
  • Please note that this is NOT a coaching program. No hard reflections or strokes will be given. Instead, you will be held with gentle, loving care

A Love Letter To The Men...

Your partner is not inviting you into this program to fix you or because your relationship or sex is bad. She is inviting you here because she loves you, loves your relationship and sex life, AND desires MORE time with you, more sexual adventures, and TBH, to learn how to worship your cock like the king you are 😉

I, Carli Jo Cabrera, promise to honor, value, and respect you.

Xo, CJ

To Join The Couple Bubble...

Click the link below and make your $500 deposit. From there Carli Jo will reach out to get you set up.

I am IN!

What men are saying about working with Carli Jo


"For someone stepping into a workshop like this for the first time, it was a little intimidating, but any nervousness or anxiety was fairly quickly alleviated by Carli Jo's professionalism and warm personality. I would definitely do another workshop."


“I got a deeper understanding of how the yoni is mapped out and how I can intensify bliss in my woman and have more connected fun. I also got a valuable reminder in clear, verbal communication while in heightened sensitivity. And my first time “energy surfing” the waves of face-numbing ecstasy without ejaculation. I feel so much closer to my woman and am excited to practice these new skills over and over again.”


“The massage felt extremely healing for my body and my soul and it allowed me to experience a connection with myself and with my partner that I don't think I had ever experienced before.”

What women are saying about working with Carli Jo


"Carli Jo's workshop was truly just what our marriage needed. It felt like the most epic date night! We walked away feeling so connected, appreciated and seen. We both learned so much about each other especially when it comes to our intimacy. After being together almost 8 years I feel we have so many new practices to spice up our sex life! We are already looking forward to the next!!"



"I feel so full and resourced; thank you, Carli Jo, it was JUST what my partner and I needed!" 


"Carli Jo's workshop was extremely helpful in creating new intimate experiences between my partner and me as she walked us through each step of creating the container, setting up the space, and through the actual experience itself. It feels way less intimidating to try new things with her support and guidance."