Hi! I’m Carli Jo a Sensuality Coach.

Once upon a time, at a very young age I was told that only 20% of women could orgasm from penetration alone. 

When I became sexually active and could barely achieve a clitoral orgasm, I assigned myself to that statistic. 

In my 30s I made it my priority to learn how to give myself vaginal orgasms such as Gspot orgasms, cervical orgasms, orgasms without touching myself and many many more!

Now, it’s my mission to help women connect to their orgasmic potential by achieving longer lasting and better orgasms.

At a very young age I was told that wives don’t like having sex with their husbands. That men were the sexual aggressors and women just gave in when it was “due.”

When I married a man with a low libido, making me the aggressor, I made it my priority to learn everything I could on supporting our sexual differences.

Now, it’s my mission to help other couples create more passion, attraction and sexual satisfaction in their relationships.





Communication for connection
Talking about sex is extremely important for couples. By setting a safe container, each partner can reveal what is really going on inside. What they are truly craving, the fears that arise and the sex they are desiring. This allows a deeper understanding of a sexual issue or topic that might be a struggle or are excited to work towards. Encouraging healthy communication with tantric tools and cannabis.

Connection for deeper resonance is learning how ground into the presence of your relationship container. Connection exercises help deepen understanding and healing while building compassion. Which is helpful as most people have some level of embodied disconnection due to the modern societies we live in today.

Creating a healthy container for sexual experiences where desires and healing can happen through communication and connection tools. Deep healing exercises and erotic intimacy tools guide couples to hold and support one another. Focusing on safety and support allows emotions to arise and needs to be met. Understanding that sex doesn’t just happen, it takes place in a greater container that can be created for one another where sexuality can be explored together. 

Breathwork to facilitate a sacred, sexual experience. Regular breathwork practices before and after sex or self-pleasure can help open up the energy state and the nervous system to better sexual experiences. Breath also drives having localized sensations to instead having expanded experiences of pleasure everywhere. Being willing to consciously breathe, and training sexual breathing, can transform the orgasmic experience. 

Meditation creates sacred pauses. We often think we need to hurry or rush ourselves through sexual experiences to get to the end goal. Learning to meditate outside of the bedroom helps you to sloooow down, take your time to savor the pleasure within. Meditation is also a powerful tool for getting you out of your head and into your body where the sensations of joy, pleasure and ecstasy live.

Cannabis for sexual satisfaction Cannabis is the plant representation of the divine feminine. When used with intention in a mindful and loving environment, if offers us a portal into our inner knowing, inner compass and greater self awareness. I combine cannabis with sensuality as a tool for bringing us home to our bodies, to expand consciousness and enhance meditative states of pleasure.

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough The 5 Erotic Blueprint types are a framework for better understanding how your desire and arousal works. Therefore giving you the language to talk about your sexuality with greater ease and acceptance. Learning about your Erotic Blueprint™ type is about learning what is possible. The more you understand and accept your individual path to pleasure, the more you can normalize your unique expressions of pleasure!

Play! Bring soft, playful energy back into the bedroom with fun games that result in less stress, tension and frustration.


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