Reignite The Spark

In Your Long-Term Marriage

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Are You Ready To Reignite The Passion In Your Marriage Once And For All?

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I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who have been married for so long they feel more like roommates or business partners than lovers.

They tell me, “my husband and I have a wonderful life together but our sex life is non-existent” Can you relate?

If so, Reignite The Spark is what you’ve been waiting for.

In this FREE masterclass, I will help you go from the mundane routine that has you feeling more like roommates to having fun, and giddy passion again!

I can do this because I’ve been where you are…and I know what it really takes to keep the passion alive in a long-term marriage. 

Not so long ago, I laid in bed next to my partner and felt lonely. Questioning if our marriage was doomed and the fun and exciting days behind us. I overcame the messy middle part of marriage by building a community of women who were going through the same thing, investing in THE most important relationship of my life, and found a mentor who walked the path and created the marriage I craved. 

I learned how to make sex fun again, creating new sexy and adventurous date nights. 

And now, we explore all different types of sex, including kinky! My orgasms feel like volcanos erupting, and I feel more in love than ever!

In addition to my personal experience, I have helped hundreds of women have exciting sex lives, even if they’ve been with their partner for a long time.


Reigniting The Spark Masterclass Includes:

→ A step-by-step process to feel sexy, find your turn-on, and reignite the spark WITH your husband!

→ How to set up your relationship so that you can have a deeper connection inside and outside of the bedroom,  even if you’ve been together for decades.

→ Know how to experience a galaxy of orgasms, even if you’ve never had an orgasm or your current orgasms are barely there.

→ Create an exciting sex life no matter your age or length of relationship!

I invite you to take a moment to imagine wha's possible for you...

-What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling in love like teenagers?

→ To achieve hot passionate sex with ease and joy?

→ To no longer struggle to enjoy sex and instead experience the rainbow of orgasms?

This is SO possible for you 

Are you ready to start making your pleasure a non-negotiable in your life?


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Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Carli Jo — author, speaker, and trusted Sensuality Coach to married women.

I became a Sensuality Coach because I went through the long, messy, beautiful process of overcoming bad sex in my own relationship, and I wanted to help other women on the same journey. 

I used to view my sexual difficulties with my partner as a downfall, a sign that I was broken. Now I see these past struggles as a blessing. Because I experienced firsthand the frustration, hopelessness, and feeling defeated in my own marriage, and then learned the skills and tools needed to transform our sex life, I now can connect and guide my clients in a much deeper way.

Through finally connecting to my Sensuality, I discovered my voice and how all of my past experiences and struggles are my superpowers. I learned how to use my challenges in my sex life to evolve, grow, and transform. 

Because of this deeply personal and life-changing work, I wear my badge of honor proudly.

I overcame bad sex — and so can you!


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