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Queen Of Pleasure

The Life-Altering Course On Mastering Sexual Turn-On!

Go from feeling disconnected from yourself, your partner, and your pleasure to feeling turned on and alive.

Do you find that pleasure takes a back seat to your already full, busy life?

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious more often than you’re calm, relaxed, and open to pleasure?

If the answer is yes, first of all, you’re not alone. 

When the energy and hours of our lives are taken up with caring for everyone and everything else, we inevitably burn out. When our days are filled with preoccupation about schedules, deadlines, tasks, meal planning, caregiving, stressful headlines, worry about the future — the brain and the body are in full-on survival mode. And in survival mode, we’re not tuned in to our bodies, desires, or pleasure. 

If you’ve been feeling the negative effects of burnout in your life — and that burnout is affecting your ability to connect deeply and passionately with your partner — I want you to know: I’ve got your back. I get it. And I’ve got the tools to help you ground and re-set, so you can finally connect with your turn-on, satisfaction, and energetic enjoyment of life.



Getting in touch with what you want

 What lights you up?
 What excites you?
 What puts you in the mood?
 What has you enjoying sex?
 How do you view self-pleasure?




Asking for what you want

Can you talk about sex to communicate your wants and needs? Can you recap post-sex? CaCan you rec How can you show up inside this conversation authentically and powerfully?


Permission to have what you want

 How much approval do you have for your hunger?
 How hard is it for you to receive from your partner?
 Can you sit in the discomfort of that vulnerability?


My mission is super simple: to show women how to discover their unique pathway to pleasure … and then to show them how to give themselves permission to ask for it, receive it, and experience it in total freedom, abandon, and power.  

In our very real, very complex lives, it means: Supporting women in feeling turned on, incorporating more pleasure in their lives, and showing them how to feel alive and capable of having a desire-based life — so they can finally claim true sexual freedom.

Want to learn more?

When you learn how to become a Queen of Pleasure, you get: 

  • Confidence that radiates and attracts good things

  • The ability to ask for what you want in a clear, honest way

  • Reverence for your body that leads to deeper, more intentional self-care

  • A whole new world of possibility, adventure, and passion in the bedroom — and beyond

  • An intimate connection with your partner that feels loving, warm, playful, and SOLID

  • Abundant orgasms and hot sex for life!

Before working with Carli Jo I felt very broken around my orgasm like it wasn't what other women were experiencing, not quick enough, and that it needed to look a certain way and I just wasn't getting there. Through working with Carli Jo, I have quickly shifted my relationship to my pussy and my orgasm, and having approval for my desires and exactly where I'm at, which has allowed me to have my first energetic orgasm!
Before Queen Of Pleasure I nitpicked, and over analyzed things about my relationship. Now, I’m more comfortable expressing myself and my sexuality. There's no pressure for our relationship or sex life to look any specific way, which opened up the doors for so much more fun and play.
Prior to Queen Of Pleasure I wouldn't let my partner touch me and had such negative thoughts around sex. I had little confidence and hid behind the idea of not being experienced or one of "those" girls who seemed to be always desired by men. Now I stand in my power of sexuality. I own it, honor it, and embrace it. Carli Jo helped me to begin to discover my needs and desires and how to communicate them to my partner. I no longer struggle with staying in my head or fear of asking for what I desire.


What would it feel like to say goodbye to disconnection, stress, and not knowing what you want — and say a big ol’ YES to your turn-on, your desires, and the electric intimacy with your partner that you’ve been craving for so long? 

We’d love to answer any questions you have! 

Next Queen Of Pleasure is summer 2023 schedule a call now!

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