Sacred Indulgent Pleasure

Self-Pleasure for greater access to mind-blowing, toe-curling, OMG orgasms!

A FREE 3-Hour Virtual Immersion
Saturday, September 24th
10 AM - 1 PM PT
1 PM - 4 PM ET

In This FREE Virtual Event You Will...

"Permission is your greatest access to pleasure"

Do you desire...

Orgasms that shoot you out of this universe into another galaxy? 

Sacred sexual experiences that bring you closer to God/dess?

Freedom in sexual expression without fears, doubts or shame?

Deep presence during sex where you’ll go from thinking about your grocery list to forgetting your name? 

To feel confident, sexy and radiant?


Allow Yourself to Indulge In Your Pleasure

  • Your sexuality is important because:
  • 💓 It’s the fuel that your gas tank needs
  • 💓 It’s the medicine your soul craves
  • 💓 It’s your superpower to having your greatest desires
  • 💓 It’s your inner compass
  • 💓 It’s how you meet the GODDESS you were always meant to be


  • Having a regular Self Pleasure Practice:
  • 🔮 Deepens your spiritual practice
  • 🔮 Enriches self-love
  • 🔮 Increases pleasure, joy and radiance
  • 🔮 Can lower stress, anxiety and depression
  • 🔮 Creates organic energy
  • 🔮 Boosts your mood and confidence


I Have Just What You Need


Sacred Indulgent Pleasure

THIS 3-hour virtual immersion IS PERFECT IF you want… 

Your Pleasure Guide

Hi! I am Carli Jo, a Self-Pleasure and Intimacy Coach

Before I discovered the Art of Self Pleasure I felt lost, broken and hopeless. I had suffered from crippling insecurity that led to anxiety & depression, painful & orgasmic-less sex and zero self-love.

Through reconnecting to my Sexuality, healing my sexual shame and awakening my pussy…

I can truly say that I NOW feel more confident, more sexy and and more in love with myself than EVER! Oh, and I brag that I experience all types of intense and long-lasting orgasms!

What once was a life of despair is now a life full of possibilities!  

I want that for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this 3 hour virtual immersion will be recorded but for training purposes only. NO RECORDINGS WILL BE SENT OUT.

Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of the content and to protect and respect every human in attendance absolutely NO recordings will be sent out.

Yes, this event will be hosted on zoom where all attendees will be able to see one another. I do this on purpose to support my mission to build community and connection between the women attending. If you are uncomfortable having your face or name associated with this event then I highly suggest questioning if this event is right for you.

At this time I have no plan on hosting this free immersion again. I suggest moving mountains to be there!

As much as we love men, this event is for women only. Please respect all in attendance by being the only viewer. You’re welcome to share your turn-on with him post call 😉 .

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